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Medallion Radiance

Our first pregnancy here at Pferde Farms (and
hers) and she sure had a glow! She gave birth
to our first foal at Pferde Farm, Pferde Firstlove,
on Aug 26th, 2009. Help us help Pfennig raise
that baby right!

Barn Name: Pfennig

Vital Statistics: 6 y/o, 13.1 hand Welsh Pony

ID Tips: Beautiful chestnut color with flaxen
mane and tail. Long-legged and lanky.

Idiosyncrasy: Loves Beauty and Licorice, her
two pasture mates and is a bit insecure without
them. We think that will change when the baby
comes. Is a bit head shy so be carefully putting
on or taking off her bridle.


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