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The latest addition to Pferde Farm was born on
6/5/2010 to Vicky and is growing fast. According
to the growth calculator he should top out at
16.3-17 hands. While Ch'i spends most of his
time eating or sleeping (does this sound like
babies you know?) he does run around and play
a lot. He is EXTREMELY friendly and curious. On
the morning he was born he walked away from
his mom and straight to us. Stay tuned for his
next update after his Holsteiner foal inspection in

Barn Name: Ch'i Monster

Vital Statistics: Ch'i is a registered Holsteiner
colt whose sire is 16.3 hand Cicera Icewater, a
Holsteiner stallion that was trained and evented
by Team O'Connor, lead by Olympic Gold Medalist
David O'Connor and is now competing with
legendary eventer Denny Emerson at Tamarack
Hill Farm.

ID Tips: Look for the little guy in the paddock. In
fact, the little guy will find you!

Idiosyncrasy: Loves to be scratched on the crest
and the sides of his neck. He gets very talkative
and excited at feeding time. We guess he is just
living up to his name!


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