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Lady Godiva

A phenomenal jumper who floats over the jumps.
She is a bit excitable and fast so we anticipate
her dressage training will develop and refine her
technique, straightness, rhythm and balance. She
is a very beautiful horse with soft girlie-girl
features who is quite attached to Karactere - her
BFF (best friend forever).

Barn Name: Diva (pronounced deEE-va)

Vital Statistics: 14 y/o registered and branded
Holsteiner mare whose sire is Cicero. Cicero was
a highly regarded stallion in both the USA and
Germany who was responsible for laying the
foundation for Holsteiners to be known as the
world's leading jumping breed. Cicero himself was
sired by the legendary Cor de Bryere

ID Tips: 16.1 hand, dark bay with huge and
powerful hindquarters which makes jumping
seem effortless.

Idiosyncrasy: Does not like flash cameras. Given
she is a Diva, you would think she would be used
to the parental paparazzi by now. Perhaps she
is in the reclusive phase of her life? We are
working on getting her into the limelight once


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