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Hershey came to Pferde Farm late in his life after a lengthy show jumping career on the East Coast "A" circuit. He was 'rediscovered' by his first owner, Angie, when he was sidelined with hock and knee injuries resulting from his extensive show career and brought to Pferde Farm. We think we got the best part of the deal since despite his being the tallest horse ever to be at Pferde Farm at 16.3 hands, many a young child learned to trot and canter on his back.

Barn Name: None

Vital Statistics: 16.3 hand, dark bay Thoroughbred

ID Tips: Just had to look for the biggest guy on the farm!

Idiosyncrasy: Hershey was the ultimate schoolmaster. Once during a lesson a small child lost their balance at the trot and was about to fall off. In something we have never witnessed in any horse or pony, he immediately sensed the situation, lowered his hindquarters to "scoop" the child back into the saddle and slowed immediately to a walk. Now that is a babysitter!

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