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The first pony to arrive at Pferde Farm has the
most character as well. Not for the faint of heart,
this pony has an energy level we can all be
envious of and is a real show stopper. Trained
to Training Level in Dressage we are considering
entering him in some Dressage shows to high-
light what is possible with a warmblood wanna

Barn Name: The Little Engine That Could

Vital Statistics: 10 y/o, 11.3 hand Hackney Pony

ID Tips: Dark bay with fine features. Wings his
left fore to the outside at the trot.

Idiosyncrasy: A nervous pony who doesn't know
who his daddy is. We think this causes some
insecurity on his part. Do you think Maury Povich
can help him find his daddy?


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