“I have spent much of the free time in my adult life riding horses, the rest I’ve just wasted”
-Mr. Joe

Mr. Joe

Professional Biography
Joseph Wager is a Managing Director at Apeiron Partners LLC. Aperion Partners LLC is a Boston-based, boutique investment bank specializing exclusively in the life sciences industry. Apeiron’s core services are M&A advisory, corporate spinout and/or Newco formation, private placements, strategic alliances and investment advisory services.  Mr. Wager is concerned with strategic, operational and tactical issues in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device areas.  He is particularly focused upon issues of strategy, business development, finance, sales & marketing, and R&D.  Prior to his position at Apeiron Partners, Mr. Wager worked as an independent management consultant to both industry and government.  It is during this timeframe he co-founded Pferde Farm LLC and The Magic Saddle, a 501(c)3 providing services to children with special needs.  Mr. Wager also is the former VP of research and business development for Prescription Solutions, a Pacificare/United Healthcare Company . In summary, Mr. Wager has held strategic consulting positions spanning nearly 20 years in Medicus/Publicis, IBM/The Wilkerson Group, CSC Healthcare, EDS/A.T. Kearney and MDS. Overall , Mr. Wager has over 25 years experience in the healthcare field.  His management experience has spanned clinical, academic, research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device environments.  Throughout his career, Mr. Wager has been involved in business management issues in areas of strategy, research & development, operations, corporate finance, marketing and sales.  He has worked on both a domestic and international level - having lived on two continents and worked extensively in all three major geographies of interest to the life sciences industry.  Mr. Wager has extensive experience in negotiating, structuring and securing appropriate strategic alliances, elucidating business development issues and developing corporate strategies to realize lasting value on behalf of clients.

Mr. Wager holds a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, a M.S. in Neurobiology from the University of Illinois and a B.S. in Hospital Administration from Southern Illinois University.  In addition, Mr. Wager has completed numerous post-graduate courses in diverse areas, including consulting frameworks and clinical drug development.




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