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Karactere d' Amour

Utilized by our advanced students in our
dressage and jumping program. He is very bold,
but skittish until trust with the rider is
established. A bit of a bully to other horses and
ponies so don't get too close while riding by him!
Karactere has found the love of his life - Diva
(Lady Godiva). Until Diva came along we could
not keep Karactere with any other horse or pony,
because of his aggressive tendencies. Now he
doesn't let her out of her sight. We guess there
is someone for everyone.

Barn Name: WALL-E

Vital Statistics: 10 y/o Selle Francais Gelding

ID Tips: 16 hand, dark bay, beautiful flowing
mane and tail.

Idiosyncrasy: Quickly loses unskilled riders that
irritate him. Can and will trot and canter for hours

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