Kinderide Lesson Program

Pferde Farm’s Kinderide Lesson Program is held in our indoor arena - rain or shine.We accept children from 4 to 14 years old. Riders have a great time learning different riding styles and skills. Students also become proficient in putting on tack, safety, grooming, maintaining equine health, feeding and other aspects of horsemanship. Our focus is on increasing the general foundation of what has been learned and is reinforced with take-home assignments. and materials. From ground to saddle, our aim is to share the many aspects of horsemanship with lighthearted, safe fun!

The Kinderide Lesson Program is analogous to a school of horsemanship which develops all of the partnership skills necessary to ensure the experience of child-pony interaction is enriching, safe and fun.Your child will learn to safely retrieve, halter, groom, tack and ride horses and/or ponies with each and every lesson. No lead-line lessons here! Your child will take the reins on day one. Students become proficient in all aspects of horsemanship over time, learning how to maintain horse health, understanding how anatomy & physiology influences movement of both horse and rider, horse behavior and the importance and use of lunging and other ground work in the training of the young horse or pony. Our focus is to increase the general foundation of what has been learned, reinforced with take home materials and assignments. All beginning students learn basic English equitation so they are comfortable at all gaits- walk, trot and canter- with the saddle and without, before progressing further. We then advance their knowledge and skills of flatwork, and further reinforce the rider’s seat, with dressage work before progressing to stadium jumping. Unlike other programs, our students will not jump until they obtain their balance and a correct seat on the flat! When our students enter the jumping program we guarantee they will be safely jumping 3’6” to 4’ within six months.










Option 1:
$300 Monday thru Sunday (one lesson per week, 8 weeks total)
Option 2:
$600 (two lessons + two practice sessions per week, 8 weeks total)*

*Option 2 available upon Pferde Farm evaluation of rider readiness, subsequent invitation and parental consent.


Weekday after school pick-up from Millburn, Gurnee Elementary
and St. Patrick's available for extra fee.

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