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Turbo was the inspiration leading to the creation of Pferde
Farm. Turbo was an exceptional horse who would easily jump a 1.75m course, compete in steeplechasing, dressage and eventing.

Barn Name: Turbo or Turbocharger

Vital Statistics: He was a wonderful part of our lives for nearly 25 years. He was about 30 y/o when he passed quietly in his sleep on April 13, 2006 due to old age.

ID Tips: 15.11/2 black appendix gelding with 3 white socks, deep chest and powerful hindquarters.

Idiosyncrasy: If you were afraid of him and entered his stall, he would pin you against the wall until help arrived. Turbo would often fall asleep in the cross- ties while being groomed and you could influence his dreams or elicit responses by imitating sounds of nature.

---------"Somewhere..... somewhere in time's own space
----------There must be a sweet pastured place
----------Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
----------Some paradise where horses go.
----------For the love that guides my pen
----------I know great horses live again."
---------------------------------------------------Stanley Harrison

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